Monday, May 23, 2011

the moon glows yellow in the riptide.

girls are weird.

yesterday i missed my ward due to these lovelies being in town. yes that’s my brother, he’s handsom and he’s getting MARRIED! to this lovely lady.  _-159i started getting these text messages mid drive. brady had to read them due to my hands being full of steering wheel.

-i missed you in choir today, come next week so we can sing alto together.

-i miss your face, and i did my hair like yours today.

brady started going off about how weird girls are. you love on each other, emulate each others looks and are constantly complimenting each other. could you imagine boys talking like girls do? it’s almost a natural instinct in girls to build each other up. when that instinct is tampered with, it turns into tearing each other down. it’s a sad truth.  he tired to explain man love. he told me, every time i punch my roommate, we grow a little closer. 

no no brady, boys are weird.

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mindy said...

oh my gosh cami i freakin love you! all of your posts are awesome!!

girls are wierd.
boys are more wierd :)